4 Weight Loss Myths That You Didn’t Know!

I have talked a lot about the right food, the right exercises and other lifestyle choices that can help you lose weight. But, there are plenty of other things out there that can confuse you and mislead you.

There are many things that can help you lose those extra kilos but there are many weight loss myths as well! And these myths can ruin your health plans. What you must beware of are those ads that promise ‘weight loss in 10 days!’ Remember, slow and steady always wins the race!

So what are these weight loss myths?

Starving or crash diets do not help! It is one of the biggest weight loss myths. In fact they might have an opposite effect (scary, right?). But, it is true. Usually crash dieting or starving is something that is hard to follow. Starving will make you weak and low in energy which in turn will lead to lowering your metabolism rate. It makes you unhealthy and quite frankly may endanger your life.

Crash dieting doesn’t work either. You will end up craving for high-sugar and high-fat foods. Ever seen those movies where a starving lost guy in a desert usually conjures up food images like fried chicken, a huge piece of chocolate cake, a big bowl of ice cream or other fatty foods instead of green leafy vegetables or fruits? It is the same in real life as well!

You end up eating more calories and hence more weight gain!

One of the other famous weight loss myths is ‘snacking is bad’. Not true. It actually helps. When you are hungry in between meals, eating small frequent portions of healthy food will actually prevent you from over eating later. Besides, it will also increase your metabolism rate as it replenishes your body when needed and gives you energy to survive the day.

What is bad is however, snacking on junk food. Try snacking on fruits, vegetables, yogurt, milk, nuts Betsafe suomi kasino on erittain laadukas casino, joka tarjoaa takuuvarmasti mukavan ja turvallisen pelikokemuksen. and seeds etc.

More weight loss myths

Carbohydrates make you fat! In fact the body uses carbs to burn body fat when you exercise. Foods like beans, whole-grain breads and brown rice and also many fruits and veggies contain carbs. They contain nutrients and fibre as well which are low in calories and help you in your weight loss quest! These are good carbs.

It is the processed sugars, white flour and white rice that are bad carbs and which lead to weight gain.

Just learn the difference between good carbs and bad carbs and you can debunk these weight loss myths.

Skipping meals is not a good idea. One of the biggest weight loss myths, this one can prove to be a threat to your overall health as well. The same principle of not snacking applies here.

To lose weight, eat healthier meals so you don’t consume excess calories. But skipping them can make you tired and leave you craving calorie-rich foods.

So just stay away from these infamous weight loss myths and lose weight the right way!

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