Essential Health Tips For Women

Have you ever noticed how your husband (boyfriend or even a friend) joins the gym and loses the extra kilos and inches around his tummy sooner than you can say weight loss? It is frustrating isn’t it? Especially when you have been dieting and exercising for months and don’t get the same result as he does!
Well, that’s because ‘men are from mars and women are from venus!’ Yes, that holds good even in this case. Men have a higher muscle mass which makes it easier for them to burn calories faster. And our bodies are a mix of complex hormones. Unlike men, we tend to have more estrogen than testosterone.

And estrogen is the hormone that is responsible for our bodies storing fat. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, menstrual cycle, pre menopause, menopause all are something that we women have to go through. These are all responsible for weight gain. It is no secret that women are usually the providers in the house.

So, we get so busy taking care of our children, our husbands and our family that we rarely find time to exercise. To add to it, these responsibilities lead to stress and lack of sleep which we know are factors that contribute to weight gain!

Unfortunately or fortunately, we women have to work harder at trying to lose weight. Make time for yourself and schedule at least 30 mins every day where you take care of YOU for a change!

Women need more nutrients

When it comes to nutritional needs, women need special nutrients once they hit puberty. Since we burn calories at a lower rate than men we need lesser calories. But when it comes to other nutrients, we may need more. Menstruation and pregnancy means we need more iron. An iron rich diet like meat, fish, poultry, most dark leafy greens, beans, split peas, etc. is a must for women. Vitamin C rich foods like berries, oranges, lemons, and broccoli are also an important part of our diet. It also helps us to absorb the iron better.

And it is a well known fact that women are more prone to diseases like osteoporosis and arthritis as compared to men. This is because with age our levels of estrogen decreases and calcium becomes less from our bones. So, milk, cheese, spinach, sardines, soybean, grains etc. are the foods to eat to maintain an appropriate level of calcium needed slots online by our body.

Our exercise patterns differ too!

Men exercise because it is fun and for them it is a sport. But for most women, it is about losing weight and looking good. Well, no matter what the reason if it helps to keep us fit then why not?!

While men tend to lean towards weight training, women tend to go for group classes like yoga, aerobics, spinning classes etc. Our idea of exercise is getting holistic training and working on not just reducing weight but also on toning our bodies, increasing our flexibility and stamina.

We tend to concentrate on the health benefits, while aiming to look good! But, we tend to avoid weight training because we are scared that we will bulk up.

Well, put your fears to rest, because unlike men, it is not possible for us to develop muscles that easily or quickly. And weight training is essential so that we can build some muscle mass. This not only helps you gain strength but it also helps you burn calories faster!

So, next time you hit the gym pick up those dumbbells. Make sure you don’t pick up the heavy ones because it can cause you injuries and you may tear a muscle. Go slow and increase the weights as and when you become stronger.

Take help of a professional trainer if needed

Men and women essentially need same nutrients and both the genders need to exercise and look after their health. But as women, we have special needs and special attention should be given to these needs.

Not just your family, but you need to take care of yourself too!

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