Fight And Prevent Diseases The Natural Way

Losing weight and looking good in fitted clothes is the rage nowadays everywhere. But, just losing weight is not being healthy. There are so many other diseases that one needs to fight to stay fit.

You will be surprised to know how certain foods and other small things can make your body stronger and strengthen your immune system to those evil diseases.

Fight diseases with the right foods

Take an apple for example. Some of us peel the skin off and eat it. Now, you may have heard that the skin contains more nutrients but did you know that it can keep your cholesterol and blood sugar under control? The skin is also packed with polyphenols (antioxidants) that prevent cellular damage from free radicals.

What’s more! It also prevents different kinds of cancer and memory loss with age. An apple (or two) a day will keep the doctor or more specifically the cardiologist away!And it doesn’t matter what colour they are. Red, green and golden all apples are equally good.

Another effective way to fight cancer is tea bags. If you drink tea, dip the tea bag for a minute. Do this over and over. The tea leaves release up to 50% more cancer-fighting polyphenols by this method than from letting the bag sit at the bottom of the cup.

A natural way to keep your bones and immune system strong is to get out in the sun. Just 10-15 minutes every day in the morning gives your body the vitamin D that it needs. Your body needs Vitamin D to absorb calcium which in turn keeps your bones and teeth strong. A deficiency may lead to many ailments like heart diseases, cancer, weight gain etc.

But, in winters and certain places this is not always possible. In such scenarios, vitamin D rich foods can come to aid – eggs, fish, nuts and seeds, dairy products, fortified cereals etc. should be part of your diet.

Not just life-threatening diseases, but even common cold can be cured with natural products. Eating raw garlic can be of a lot of use. Or crush it and add to hot water and inhale the steam.

Eat cumin or drink cumin tea mixed with ginger and honey to keep those sniffles away. Drinking apple cider vinegar in hot water will soothe your respiratory tract. Hot peppers can also act as natural decongestants if suffering from cold and flu. They contain capsaicin, the compound which gives hot peppers the kick and helps relieve a stuffy nose. It helps release liquids from the mouth, throat and lungs, clearing everything away!

Exercises help too!

Not just the right food, but exercises also can help you keep those ailments at bay. Walking helps guard against osteoporosis. A 30-minute walk daily can help maintain bone density.

When you are fit and healthy, you will look good no matter what you wear! This time make a resolution to fight diseases with the right diet and right exercises. Not only can you fit into your favourite dress, but there is a greater advantage here!

Regular exercise can reduce cholesterol and maintain a healthy weight – all factors that prevent heart diseases. People with arthritis will also benefit a lot from exercises. It can reduce pain and stiffness and overall strength. Water aerobics can be great for joint pains.

Diabetes, a common disease can be easily kept in control by having a good exercise regimen. Exercising helps muscle absorb blood sugar and preventing it from building up in the bloodstream. But, this is not permanent.So, you need to exercise daily to keep blood sugar levels in control. It is especially advisable to people for whom diabetes can be hereditary.

Most of what you suffer from can be cured or avoided (prevention is after all better!) if you take the right steps. When you are fit and healthy, you will look good no matter what you wear!

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