Essential Health Tips For Women

Have you ever noticed how your husband (boyfriend or even a friend) joins the gym and loses the extra kilos and inches around his tummy sooner than you can say weight loss? It is frustrating isn’t it? Especially when you have been dieting and exercising for months and don’t get the same result as he does! Well, that’s because ‘men are from mars and women are from venus!’ Yes, that holds good even in

Aging Well

We obsess day and night about growing old. A lot of money is spent on varieties of products to look younger. But age will always catch up to you. Time is something that is beyond our control. So many studies and researches have been conducted in order to find out how to age well. The results were surprising – they are factors that mostly depend on us (besides time of course!). So what are

Weight Loss Tips

Do you sometimes experience, the same jeans that fitted so well in the morning doesn’t fit too well by evening? What could be the cause? You obviously didnt gain 5 kilos in a few hours. Its called distention of the stomach which is caused by Bloating. Your abdomen becomes larger due to gases produced by the breakdown of food in the intestines. So to avoid this situation: 1. Chew your food slowly & chew

5 Health Benefits Of Cucumber

This seemingly humble vegetable packs in more benefits than you can imagine. Filled with water and electrolytes, cucumber is a low calorie food product. It doesn’t have a strong taste or strong aroma yet it is quite delicious! If you are looking to lose weight nothing works better than cucumber. As mentioned earlier it is a low calorie vegetable – just 15 calories per 100 grams! Have salads made with cucumber or just eat