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Celebrity Weight Loss

Celebrity Weight Loss Diet Plan

In these Covid times, we are getting to see most celebrities stuck in their home like the rest of us and giving us a glimpse of their ‘normal’ life. Perhaps more so than usual they are sharing their personal homes. Celebrities, after all, are people too and are also possibly going through ups and downs on their weighing scales.

Recently, what caught my eye was the appearance of noticeably slimmer Adele, whilst she put up a post to honor and thank the front line workers in this long battle against Covid. A noble thought indeed, but what left most of her fans and observers gasping was the significant weight loss she displayed in that picture.

For those who have been following Adele, she has been on this weight loss journey for over 4 years. Rumors are that she followed a SIRT diet, though as she has not spoken about it, hence at this point it is unfair to comment on the diet. I will post about the diet in another blog soon, so watch this space.

A significant drop in weight and a slimmer appearance is certainly possible if one stays committed to their personal journey of better health for a period of time.

The fact that Adele took her time and also worked out regularly shows a constant weight loss. Which in my opinion, is a healthier and sustainable approach.

There are many instances of some celebrity dramatically losing weight following some fad diet, but again and again what we see is either the weight coming back or the person undergoing some health issues due to that.

One thing we must remember is for some celebrities it is essential to lose weight rapidly due to their work requirements, it may not necessarily be a healthier approach but they do it to fulfill their requirements, temporarily at least. For the rest of us ( the ones who do not have paparazzi chasing them all the time) we can look at a more balanced long term approach.

In a nut shell, am I impressed by Adele’s weight loss journey? I most certainly am. I will, however, refrain from commenting on her methods until there is more information forthcoming from her camp.

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