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New Year Resolution for Healthy Life 2024

Healthy Life Diet Plan

New Year, New you! It’s that time of the year! As we ring in the new year, many of us make resolutions to improve our health and well-being. In my 22 years of professional experience in the Health and Weight loss industry, what I have observed is getting on a diet and losing weight is the most popular New year resolution people make. That’s great and amazing News. Welcome on board

While losing weight, getting fit, and signing up at a gym is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions, it is often easier said than done. Making the switch from the calorie and fat-laden temptations in December to making a complete 360 degrees change in January can be quite difficult. If you’re planning to start your new year off with a pledge to lose weight, keep these tips in mind to help you ease into your resolution the healthy way. 

Cutting everything out that you love and going cold turkey is one of the most common techniques for approaching a diet or when trying to get healthy.  For example, cutting out carbs entirely or going on a strict Keto diet, or drinking only juices for the next month. People go to crazy lengths in January. However, doing so may well spell disaster for a good-intentioned eating plan. Instead of putting yourself on such a restrictive diet right after the holidays, consider the following to allow you to ease into a healthy eating regimen. This will increase your chances of sticking with your diet resolution and achieving success. 

Here are some tips for setting and achieving healthy lifestyle goals in the year ahead.

  1. Be specific and achievable: Rather than resolving to “eat healthier,” try setting a specific goal such as “| will eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables per day.” This gives you a clear target to work towards and makes it easier to track your progress.
  2. Make a plan: It’s one thing to set a goal, but it’s another to actually achieve it.
  3. Break your resolution down into smaller, more manageable steps, and create a plan for how you will work towards it. For example, if your goal is to exercise more, decide on specific days and times that you will work out and make a plan for how you will fit it into your schedule.
  4. Seek support: It’s easier to stay on track when you have someone to support and motivate you. Consider enlisting the help of a friend, family member, or professional coach to help you reach your goals.
  5. Don’t beat yourself up: It’s okay to have setbacks or to stray from your plan occasionally. Don’t let a slip-up discourage you – instead, use it as an opportunity to learn and make adjustments to your plan.

By setting specific, achievable goals and creating a plan to achieve them, you can make lasting changes to your lifestyle and achieve your health and wellness goals in the year ahead.

If you are trying to lose weight then, Try These Simple Steps to a successful and sustainable weight loss

Opt for foods that are grilled, roasted, baked, or broiled instead of fried. This one technique will allow you to cut out a large number of calories as well as fat. Now grilled and roasted foods can be made tastier by adding herbs, rubs, and spices. You don’t have to be afraid to add a little zing with some low-fat or fat-free sauces and marinades too. Herbs and spices go a long way toward livening up grilled and roasted foods. 

Incorporate more vegetables into your diet. We all know and have heard it a multitude of times, Eat your veggies, they are rich in healthy vitamins, minerals, and fiber; they are also a good way to fill up without loading up with calories and fat. 

Replace the dessert with fresh fruit. Stock up on plenty of blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, figs, apples, oranges or whichever fresh fruit strikes your fancy. This is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth without sabotaging your diet. 

Resist the temptation to reach for a cup of coffee, tea, or a diet cola and grab a bottle of water instead. It can be tempting to opt for that Latte or the Karak Chai and you may even add artificial sweeteners to cut back on the sugar calories. However, your body needs hydration. Your diet and your body will respond much better if you opt for plain water. Water helps your body flush out toxins in the end, it can help you lose more weight faster. 

Walk and enjoy the Weather

Go for your walks, Enjoy the sun, breathe in the fresh air, and clock in 10,000 steps throughout the day. This will not only promote weight loss but also clear your mind, reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality. Studies show walking has stabilized blood sugar levels and high blood pressure when practiced regularly.

It is more sustainable to choose your diet and an exercise plan that suits you and your schedule. Avoid an overly restrictive or fad diet and avoid a torturous exercise plan, you’ll find that you’re more likely to stick with your resolution and within months enjoy the success of making these changes to your life.

About Mitun De Sarkar

Mitun De Sarkar Is a Clinical Dietitian and Founder of Simply Healthy. Mitun strongly believes Food is medicine. If your Diet is not right, even medicines won’t work. Her expertise lies in healing with nutrition for Diabetes, Heart disease, Women’s hormone health, emotional eating, and gut health.

Mitun provides counseling to her clients to enable them to make long-term and sustainable lifestyle changes with a holistic approach to wellness after getting to the root cause of your Health issues.

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